2017/02/25 Austrian TV station ORF shows insights in “ORF OÖ Heute” in neurosurgical clipping interventions performed at Kepler Universitätsklinikum (KUK) Department for Neurosurgery. RISC Software GmbH presents together with project key researcher Dr. Matthias Gmeiner it’s Virtual Aneurysm simulator for interactive training of neurosurgeons in Linz.

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2016/12/01 Scientific paper “Blood flow simulations with application to cerebral aneurysms” is published in ACM Library in MSM ’16 Proceedings of the Modeling and Simulation in Medicine Symposium (ISBN: 978-1-5108-2320-4)

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2016/10/19 The research project VIRTUAL ANEURYSM is awarded with the “Landesinnovationspreis 2016 für radikale Innovationen” by Business Upper Austria.
2016/03/06 W. Fenz is presenting results of the VIRTUAL ANEURYSM project and an outlook to the new research project ENDOPREDICTOR at the SpringSim 16 conference in Pasadena, USA. Our results will be published as a scientific paper soon.
2015/10/01 New research project ENDOPREDICTOR is launched.
RISC Software and Kepler University Hospital are working together for a prediction system for complications after EVAR surgeries based on geometrical analysis and computional blood flow of post-surgical stent grafts. MATTES Medical Imaging participates as third-party-supplier bringing in their experience in stent segmentation and migration detection.
2015/09/09 J. Dirnberger and W. Fenz are giving an oral presentation on the Interim Meeting of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) in Rome. The simulator will be available for all visitors of the congress at the booth of Aesculap at the industry fair from Sept. 8th until Sept. 12th.
2015/07/15 Final Consortium Meeting of BRIDGE research project “Virtual Aneurysm” in Landesnervenklinik Wagner-Jauregg Linz. Final prototype will be installed in Neurosurgery department for a 1 month evaluation period.
2015/06/11 J. Dirnberger is giving an hands-on presentation at the IMAGINE15 conference in Vienna in the Experience lounge presenting the latest simulator prototype version
2015/03/10 2. Consortium Meeting of BRIDGE project “Virtual Aneurysm” in Hagenberg with partners Aesculap AG, WJ Linz and AKH Linz.
2015/02/26 J. Dirnberger and W. Fenz are presenting the latest simulator version at the SPIE Medical Imaging “Live Demonstrations” session in Orlando.
2015/02/25 W. Fenz is giving a talk at the SPIE Medical Imaging conference in Orlando presenting the paper “Real-time surgery simulation of intracranial aneurysm clipping with patient-specific geometries and haptic feedback”
2014/12/01 W. Fenz is invited to give a 1h lecture about the blood flow and artery wall structure simulation used in the MEDVIS 3D and Virtual Aneurysm project by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
2014/11/13 J. Dirnberger is invited to give a talk in the session “Medical Computing” at the 38. Chirurgisches Forschungsseminar in Wagrain.
2014/10/07 J. Dirnberger presents the first prototype of the “Virtual Aneurysm” simulator at the ÖGNC congress in Vienna. He also gives a lecture on the preliminary project results in the scientific program of the congress.
2014/05/26 W. Fenz is invited to Sofia to the Bulgarian Academy of Science to discuss CFD and CSD topics in the frame of an ongoing European research project.
2014/04/15 W. Fenz gives a talk at the EU funded PRACE Spring School in Hagenberg.
2014/03/19 Consortial Meeting of all project partners if “Virtual Aneurysm” in Hagenberg. Preliminary results and future workpackages are discussed.
2013/07/21 Preliminary project results or are presented by D. Girardi at the international conference ICCGI in Nice.
2013/01/01 – 2015/06/30 FFG BRIDGE Project “Virtual Aneurysm”.

We will build a haptic simulator for virtual neurosurgical interventions (clipping surgeries) on intracranial aneurysms based on the CFD/CSD simulation code of MEDVIS 3D.

Consortium: RISC Software GmbH, Aesculap AG, OÖ Gesundheits- und Spitals AG (gespag), AKH Linz

2012/10/12 RISC Software GmbH is awarded with the Landesinnovationspreis 2012 of the state of Upper Austria for the project MEDVIS 3D.
2012/07/09 Talk by W. Fenz on ESMC in Graz “Finite Element Simulation of Blood Flow through Intracranial Aneurysms including
Fluid-Structure Interaction”
2012/03/01 EPOS Poster Presentation on ECR 2012 in Vienna
“A skeleton-based SVM-supported cerebral aneurysm detection algorithm”
2011/06/30 Final report for MODSIM research grants
2011/05/30 – 2011/05/31 2nd Austrian HPC Workshop (Salzburg)
Oral presentation
2011/02/13 – 2001/02/17 SPIE Medical Imaging 2011 (Orlando)
Published paper and poster presentation
2010/10/25 – 2010/10/29 IEEE GRID Conference 2010
Published paper and oral presentation
2010/09/15 MODSIM Project Review (FFG Vienna)
2010/02/02 MODSIM Project Meeting in Hagenberg

  • Preliminary Results
  • Project Plan
  • Next Project Activities
2009/11/07 Lange Nacht der Forschung (Researchers Night) 2009
TechCenter Linz
Presentation of Simulationsystem to Visitors
2009/10/30 Jahrestagung 2009 der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Neuroradiologie (ÖGNR)
Invited talk in Biomedical Informatics Session
2009/09/28 Austrian Grid Symposium 2009
Invited Talk in Industrial Session
2009/09/23 I3M 2009 Conference (MAS) in Teneriffe
Invited Talk
2009/07/30 MODSIM Project Meeting in Hagenberg

  • Preliminary Results or Partners
  • Project Organization
  • Next Project Activities
2009/01/28 MODSIM Kick-Off Meeting in Hagenberg

  • Get Together
  • Project Plan Presentation
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