The Research Unit Medical Informatics of the RISC Software GmbH was awarded with the Landespreis für radikale Innovationen for its results in the poject „Virtual Aneurysm“.

On October 19th the awards of the “Landespreis für Innovationen” took place in Upper Austria for the 13th time. Most innovative products and services of Upper Austrian companies and research institutions are honored in 4 different categories, moreover,  two jury prizes are awarded. This year the jury prize for radical innovations was to the project “Virtual Aneurysm”, which was a FFG BRIDGE funded research project successfully completed in 2015 by the Research Unit Medical Informatics.

In close cooperation with the partners Landesnervenklinik Wagner-Jauregg (now NeuroMed Campus of Kepler Universitätsklinukum), the AKH Linz (now MedCampus III of the Kepler Universitätsklinukum) and the German company Aesculap a simulator for training of young neurosurgeons was developed, where so-called clipping surgeries on open skull can be trained. The simulation software of RISC Software GmbH generates a virtual model of the artery tree of the human brain and enables haptic interaction with the vessels. Force-feedback devices were equipped with original surgery intruments in order to allow the surgeon to simulate the operation under realistic conditions. For improved visualizations 3D stereoscopic displays are used. The scientific results will be transfered in the next 2 years into a commerical product in cooperation with the Canadian Simuator manufacturer OSSIM Technologies.


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Landespreis für Innovation OOE 2015