The Research Department for Medical Informatics of the RISC Software GmbH presented at the annual meeting of the Austrian Society of Neurosurgery (ÖGNC ) in Vienna for the first time a newly developed simulator for Neurosurgical interventions on aneurysms. As part of the FFG BRIDGE program, the project team developed together with the Landesnervenklinik Wagner Jauregg, the General Hospital Linz and the Clip Manufacturer Aesculap AG a force-feedback training simulator for so-called “clipping surgeries”. The trainee can detach various clips on a virtual model of the human brain arteries using haptic force-feedback devices (Sensable Phantom). The system is currently under development , the project completion is planned for June 2015 .

There the invention from Hagenberg could be compared with the simulator “NeuroTouch” by the Canadian Research Researchers by the audience. The million- dollar project from Canada is specialized in tumor and tissue resection . The possibility for training of clipping surgeries is missing however, which openes great opportunities for RISC’s simulator. Moreover, with the system from RISC Software GmbH will be offered significantly cheaper than the competitor from Canada. After project completion, the simulator will be deployed in the Landesnervenklink Wagner Jauregg and in the Aesculap Academy for the training of young neurosurgeons .

The research team was accepted for a paper and lecture at the International Conference ” SPIE Medical Imaging ” in Orlando (USA) in February 2015. There they will present their system for the first time to an international audience.

“The Canadian NeuroTouch is due to the large team of developers and the greater financial resources significantly further developed as our system. However, our special solution for the clipping surgery received a lot of positive feedback and underlined the demand for precisely such a in the neurosurgical community.” says Johannes Dirnberger, the project coordinator from RISC Software GmbH in Hagenberg.